Jim will share how to help current managers and next generation employees find the best fit for emerging leaders at each stage in their career.  We assess strengths and competencies by answering this one key question:  What skills do I have today that will carry forward in my career and what skills do I still need to develop? We will look at the Big Seven Skills Gap in the workplace today: Teamwork, Communication, Analytic Thinking, Creativity, Agility, Organization, Cultural Awareness (Committee for Economic Development). First, we begin with a personal assessment of these skills and learn how we can prepare to develop the skills in most demand.  Second, we create a career strategy by reviewing the competencies making up the desired positions or roles.  Third, we research these target positions and check out the job requirements to find the needed skills, experience, and training. Finally, we create an action plan based on what we find creating a career path with the best fit for our strengths.

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